Engineering the solution together!

Like a lot of teams, my team is cross functional. There are several engineers with different specialisms…systems development, performance and security, as well as testing like myself.

When we find an issues, we work on them together as a team. When we test code, we test it together as a team. We celebrate our successes and solve our problems, together, as a team.

The other day I uncovered an interesting bug. It was the sort of bug that still gave me that little buzz of excitement that I got when finding bugs earlier in my career. Not only was it a challenge to identify, replicate and describe but because it was found in a new piece of development which will really help our team solve an important problem for our customers and our service.

If as a team we can work together to solve this problem, then this benefits the customer and ultimately the business. It’s all we are about, day in day out.

The developer who is working to fix this issue feels that has identified the root cause, which has taken a lot of time, effort and frustration on his part. Research, experimentation, consulting with myself and other developers…wash, rinse, repeat…until the solution is found.

Tomorrow morning we start testing (in a VM on the developer’s machine) a pretty radical fix to the bug, which will mean a lot of testing effort for us both before we let it loose in the wild.

To be honest I can’t wait to get to grips with the solution to this problem. The testing challenge will be one of the toughest since I have been working within this team. I’m not sure yet what it will exactly entail, but the fun will be in discovering that in the days to come.

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