To my Dad

  Dear Dad, Saying goodbye to you has been difficult. You haven’t been aware, but I have been sharing my perspective on our shared journey in recent years. Talking and writing to  my friends and colleagues who inhabit my life, and shared me with you. Your journey has been difficult in recent years, but not […]

A community in contrast

I’ve not blogged recently for various reasons, both personal and professional. But on the anniversary of my blog, I want to return with a more positive attitude to it after a fallow period. This is a quick blog as way of a catch up over the last few months activities (other than my professional and personal […]

Engineering the solution together!

Like a lot of teams, my team is cross functional. There are several engineers with different specialisms…systems development, performance and security, as well as testing like myself. When we find an issues, we work on them together as a team. When we test code, we test it together as a team. We celebrate our successes […]

Tales from Tallinn

What is it about testing that I enjoy? Is it learning new skills? Certainly. Is it getting to work with really talented people? Of course. Is it sharing ideas and thoughts with the community? Most Definitely. You get all of these in spades at Nordic Testing Days. Great tracks with a wide variety of speakers, […]

Virgin Territory

  By the time you read this post the above image will be out of date. Romania Testing Conference is held in Cluj-Napoca in the north of Romania. You can find out more about it here. It is an intimate multi-track conference followed by a workshop day. There were a lot of local speakers, plus […]

Reinventing Regression

Manual regression testing has always been a burden for testers. It’s one of the practical problems that we face, where there is a gap at the top of your testing pyramid that can’t be checked using automation. At NVM we have a suite of automated tests which do a lot of the leg work with […]

The journey starts here…

Welcome to my new blog… I’ve been testing for a while now. Some 12 years. Only in recent years have I felt the need to give something back to the testing community that for a while I felt disconnected from…and now is the time to make that desire a reality.Anyone who knows me will understand […]